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How do you show The Archer to have Improbable Aiming Skills Beyond the Impossible? Have him fire multiple arrows at once from the same bow! Who needs Automatic Crossbows when your archer can kill 5 people at the same time? Obviously in Real Life this is a terrible idea as it would be near impossible to aim the arrows. And that's not even getting in the loss of range or power one would suffer from trying this trick.

Compare with the Automatic Crossbow.


Anime And Manga

Comic Books


Tabletop Games
  • The Manyshot feat from Dungeons & Dragons, lets an archer do just this.
    • Several powers in 4th edition allows the Seeker and Ranger to do this. Like the aptly titled "Hail of Arrows".
  • Multishot from GURPS: Imbuments does this pseudo-mystically, you can attempt to fire any number of arrows at once (but it is very hard to go above 5).

Video Games
  • The Arcane Archer has this in Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. The arrows fire in a semi-circle. If fired point-blank, all the arrows will hit the same guy For Massive Damage.
  • The Multishot and Strafe skills for the Amazon in Diablo 2 achieve this, in addition to her already improbable firing rate.
  • Some bow-wielding characters, such as Ina, in the various Warriors games by Koei can use this as attacks, combos, and Musou attacks. The action's so fast though that it's hard to notice.
  • Some Ultima games have the Triple Crossbow, which fires a spread of three quarrels. Might not be a perfect fit as this is a device designed for the purpose, not a fancy shooting trick.
  • Hunters in World of Warcraft learn an ability of that name which fires three projectiles for the cost of one as far as ammunition goes, and works no matter whether you use a gun, a bow or a crossbow.
  • The Archery power set in City of Heroes and City of Villains has two multi-arrow attacks. "Fistful of Arrows" can affect up to 10 targets in a cone radius, and "Rain of Arrows" can up to 16 in a long-ranged circular radius.
  • In the handheld FFCC games, Selkies can gain the ability to shoot up to five arrows at once.
  • The Barrage ability in Guild Wars.
  • Strangely enough, Dragon Age: Origins does not have such a skill for archer. However, the top-level Archer ability called Scattershot does something similar: if the arrow hits the target, it then splits into ten and hits the ten nearest enemies. That is some vicious splintering.

Web Comics
  • 8-Bit Theatre parodies this when Ranger first nocks three arrows on the same bow, then dual-wields his bows, then dual-wields his dual-wield to make it twelve arrows loaded on four bows.

Western Animation
  • In Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series, when Hercules meets Orion, Orion shows Hercules his signature hunting move: The Orion Cluster. He takes as many arrows as he can grab from his quiver and shoots them all in one tight blast. He uses this to hunt small woodland animals.
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