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Popping people's bubbles for fun and drama!
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Everyone likes bubblegum [[hottip:*:except people with braces and/or facial hair]], and so it is quite common in media for someone to blow a bubble with it. It seems that whenever the bubble is blown, there's a fairly high chance that someone, or something, will be there to pop it.

This is often done for the Rule of Funny, especially if the bubble's size is drastically inflated from what is possible in real life. Expect to see at least the victim's face to be covered in gum afterwards, although it is not unheard of for everything in the immediate surroundings to be covered.

This can also be used when one character, often young, is taking some issue casually; s/he will blow a bubble during a conversation to show how little concern s/he has. Someone else thinks the issue is serious, sees the bubble and pops it to make the point.


  • Averted in the American ad campaign for Hubba Bubba bubble gum that ran from 1979 to 1984. These television ads featured the Gumfighter in the Wild West. The Gumfighter would blow a fair-sized bubble which would pop...and then easily peel off from the face. The point of this ad campaign was to pitch to consumers that Hubba Bubba made big bubbles AND would not stick to one's face.

Anime and Manga
  • In the first episode of the anime Blue Seed, Kome Sawaguchi debuts by blowing a fair sized bubble as she looks over her new work location from outside. While not huge, her bubble breaks with a loud pop and covers the lower half of her face in gum. Kome comments on the bubble gum mess as being a lousy omen.

Comic Books
  • One comic book story of Dexter's Laboratory involved Dexter concocting a special piece of bubble gum in his lab after losing a bubble gum blowing contest with his sister, Dee Dee. He tries to demonstrate the power of his new gum to Dee Dee and her friends - only to have his huge bubble burst and covering most of the last panel (characters and scenery alike) in gum.

  • Miracle on 34th Street: we don't see the popping though. Susan teaches Kris how to blow bubbles with bubble gum; we then cut to a shot of Kris in front of a mirror, picking popped bubblegum out of his beard.
  • The Staring Kid on The Incredibles is in the midst of blowing a bubble when he sees Mr. Incredible lifting his car. The bubble pops in the middle of the awkward pause.
  • In the 1976 Freaky Friday , Barbara Harris blows quite a few bubbles including a rather big one that pops off-screen as she's doing laundry. When the camera goes back to her, she's got popped gum over one side of her mouth.

  • In the musical Chicago one of the murderesses killed their boyfriend because he kept popping bubblegum after she told him to stop.

Newspaper Comics
  • In one Calvin and Hobbes strip, Calvin blows a bubble that pops and covers his face in gum. He remarks that "I think I blew my face inside out!"
  • A Garfield Sunday comic has Jon blowing a bubble when Garfield pops it, leaving his face covered in gum. Jon tries to get back at Garfield by forcing him to chew gum and blow a bubble, but when he pops it, Jon ends up covered in gum instead. "It's all in the lips."

  • The Goosebumps book "Night of the Living Dummy" opens with Lindy popping her sister Kris' bubble because Kris wanted to prove she could blow a bigger one than Lindy.

Western Animation
  • Bugs Bunny deals with his foes this way in two occasions.
    • In "Devil May Hare", Bugs feeds the Tasmanian Devil a chicken made from gum and baking soda. The baking soda gives Taz hiccups, and every time he hics the bubble gets bigger until Bugs blows it away, dragging Taz away with it. It floats until Bugs hits it with a slingshot, leaving Taz hanging from the trees.
    • In "Rabbit Every Monday", Bugs plugs Yosemite Sam's rifle with bubble gum. When Sam fires, he is suddenly trapped inside a bubble. Again, Bugs blows it away, and it drops down a cliff. Sam manages to blow into the bubble so that it flies back up, but that is when Bugs pops it.
  • In the Tom and Jerry cartoon "The Bodyguard", Spike the dog comes to Jerry's rescue every time he whistles. Tom tries to stop him by feeding Jerry bubble gum so that he can't whistle. He eventually blows a huge bubble while trying, and when it pops, the whistle is so loud and hard it nearly blows Tom away.
  • In one Title Card on Arthur Binky blows a bubble so big it pops, leaving him stuck to the sides.
  • One episode of Rugrats had Tommy and Chuckie face-to-face with a redheaded, gum-chewing bully whose most common form of punishment was getting gum into the other children's hair, forcing them to have to get it cut. Tommy later gives this bully a taste of her own medicine by popping her bubble as she's blowing it up. When the bully reappears at the end of the episode, she's shown to have had her hair cut, is more soft-spoken and kinder to the other playground kids, and has taken up eating carrots instead of candy and other assorted junk foods.
  • In the opening intro for Recess, Gus blows a gum bubble until it pops, leaving him all covered with gum.
  • Suzi Lu from Storm Hawks seems to enjoy blowing up and popping bubble gum bubbles. In fact, one episode has an annoyed Piper bursts Suzi's bubble with a finger when it appears that she's not taking an impending disaster seriously.
  • The Dexter's Laboratory episode "Now That's A Stretch" has Deedee blowing two head-sized bubble gum bubbles while sitting on the couch as Dexter looks on. Both bubble burst, with the first pop leaving Deedee's face covered in gum and the second one having her whole head covered in popped gum.
  • This trope pops up twice (no pun intended) in Totally Spies!! In the episode "Mommies Dearest", Alex pops a small piece of WOOHP brand bubble gum into her mouth as the spies are trapped inside a sauna and blows a monstrous-sized bubble. The bubble explodes, freeing the girls from the sauna but leaving them stuck for a bit in strands of popped gum.
    • The other occurrence happens in "Halloween Is Like So Pagan" where Sam blows three colossal sized bubbles through out the episode - each from a small gumball. The huge bubbles result in huge pops with shockwaves and sticky gum temporarily stopping the zombies pursuing the spies.
    • Seeing as how this special bubble gum is among their gadgets issued around the start of both episodes, this also serves as an example of Chekhov's Gum.
  • The Doug episode "Doug Battles the Rulemeister" has Beebe Bluff blowing up and popping a giant bubble in a Saturday detention.
  • Huey blows and pops a giant bubble (from a small piece of gum) in the Ducktales episode "Time Teasers". He then peels the mess off his entire face to hamper the actions of a baseball player he froze in time.
    • In the episode "Top Duck", Launchpad's little sister Loopy Mc Quack makes a huge bubble as she's flying. It bursts loudly, the bubble shown ripping apart.
  • In American Dad!, Steve and Stan go on a road trip to find a spare part for a Delorian that Stan was building. Along the way, Steve teaches Stan how to blow a bubble. Stan finally gets it, but he blows it too large. It pops and covers his eyes, and they almost end up driving over a cliff as a result.
  • A Halloween episode of the 1980s Ruby-Spears cartoon "Marmaduke" (based on the comic strip) has the dog going trick-or-treating. Marmaduke gets a small piece of bubble gum among his treats and blows a giant bubble with it, causing him to to lift off the ground. His flight is cut short by a VERY SHARP weather vane.
  • Mr. Bogus:
    • A claymation short used near the end of the episode "Bookstore Bogus" had Bogus find a piece of bubble gum in a cupboard in the attic, so he chews it, then blows a big bubble until it pops, leaving Bogus all covered with bubble gum.
    • In the episode "Bogus To The Rescue", Brattus chews bubble gum then blows a bubble as a tactic to ward off Baddus and his meteor goons. The bubble doesn't pop as it just causes Baddus and his Mooks to rebound up into the sky, but it's when Bogus starts patting the giant bubble after that's over that it does pop, leaving Bogus all covered with gum.
  • An episode of the 1980s Ruby-Spears cartoon "Dingbat and the Creeps" had the title characters dealing with an obnoxious kid named Sonny in a department store. After seeing Sonny pop bubble gum, the vampire dog Dingbat blows a bubble big enough (from a single piece of gum) that he and his two companions are trapped in a giant yellow bubble. Sonny bursts the bubble, leaving the three Creeps covered in gum.

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