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Bathtub Bonding

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This is when two character (most of the time between Heterosexual Life-Partners) take a bath together and usually converse causing the two characters to really get to no each other better or become better friends. Usually either really significant moments of the plot are discussed or one of the characters past is revealed in a Bathtub Bonding scene.



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  • In the 28th episode of Nana , Hachi jumps into Nana's bath which first becomes uncomfortable for her but then not so much.
  • Kagome and Sango have done this in episode 29 of Inuyasha and In the second movie except both times were not actually in a bathtub they were in a hot spring.
  • It is done in Butt-Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R but to an uncomfortable extent.
  • Rushuna and Mikan bathtub bond in the 9th episode of Grenadier
  • Miina and Karen do this in pretty much every episode of Onegai Twins
  • Uruka and Saki bond in a Bubble Bath in episodes 5 and 6 of Steel Angel Kurumi 2.
  • There is a Bathtub bonding scene with Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha: Generations.
  • Nadia from Nadia Secret of the Blue Water bathtub bonds with Electra in episode 20. She also bathtub bonds with Grandis in a Bubble Bath in episode 33.
  • In the 8th episode of Zero no Tsukaima it is done with Saito and Siesta who opposite genders. Surprisingly enough the guy was the one uncomfortable.
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