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The Dead Need to be Remembered
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May be linked to Gods Need Prayer Badly. The idea that if the dead are forgotten, they're gone.

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Anime and Manga
  • Bleach anime episode #3. After her brother Sora dies, Orihime Inoue regularly prays for him, which gives him peace in the afterlife. After a year she started to pray for him less and less and began to forget about him. After she entered high school she stopped praying for him altogether. His sadness and loneliness causes him to not pass on to the Soul Society, which leaves him vulnerable to being converted into a Hollow.

  • In Titan A.E., the Hodrians believe that as long as a person's name is still out there, they endure. So they create "memory spheres", basically glass capsules with the name written on a slip of paper inside. Much of their activity consists of finding new places to stash the things; their original planet is buried in them.

  • In the 2002 Russian novel Light in the Window by Svyatoslav Loginov, everything in the Afterlife revolves around memories of the living. For each time a living person remembers the dead one, they receive a coin: golden one the living knew them personally, silver one otherwise. Coins can be used up to fulfill any kind of wishes, with a complex Rule Magic system based around wish fulfillment. If you run out of coins, you disappear forever.
  • In the Chronicles of the Kencyrath, this is particularly a plot point in Bound in Blood.
  • Ciaphas Cain (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM) often claims he's a complete Dirty Coward who'll happily throw all the men under his command between him and danger so he can run away. He also expresses guilt that he can't remember the face of a man who died under his command. Yeah.
  • A recurring line in Going Postal is 'A man's not dead while his name is still spoken'.

Mythology and Religion
  • This is followed by both the ancient Egyptian and Shinto religions. Which is why it's important in both that tombs are maintained.

Video Games
  • Final Fantasy X. There's a special location called the Farplane where the local spirits can bring back an image of the dead, people usually do this to clear out any bad feelings "face-to-face".

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