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When everyday happenings are portrayed as being more complex than they appear.
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In fiction, the act of taking an everyday (to us) phenomenon, usually one that we have accepted as part of life and don't think about, and giving it a complex meaning. This can be part of a primary plotline or can be entirely peripheral.

Sort of like Applied Fridge Brilliance/Logic.


Doctor Who is full of these.

The Weeping Angels: Those statues everywhere, commonly accepted as mere decoration, are ancient aliens who will eat your time energy when you're not looking.

When, our of the corner of your eye you think you see something moving in a mirror, and you turn and look and it's gone. It's Daughter of Mine watching you.

Almost every time The Doctor needs an alias (usually human) he uses John Smith. This practice eventually spawned its use as a generic name.

Terry Pratchett has a fondness for this as well, though I lack specific references. (I remember instances, but I don't remember which books they were in...)

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