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Love Is Not Like
Just because the character cares for others doesn't mean they like them.
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Some say that love and like are similar because the two words share a positive feeling towards another. However, in this trope, there's a difference.

Like implies that you are interested in something. However, love is a strong emotion. It makes us strong, it makes us change our ways, it makes us crazy, and it even makes us evil.

Another way of displaying this trope is in dysfunctional bondings. A pair Vitriolic Best Buds will care for one another, but that doesn't mean they will like each other.


Western Animation
  • In Family Guy, Peter's father, who is revealed in the later seasons to be not be his biological one admits that he loves Peter, but he bluntly tells him that he doesn't like anything about him. Peter felt the same way. The priest then says to Peter that in one of the Ten Commandments, "Honor your father and mother", but it never said anything about liking them.
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