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Getting The Baby To Sleep
Parents try increasingly unconventional methods of getting an infant to go to sleep.
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Babies, they cry a lot. They don't seem to want to sleep much either. In fiction, whenever there is a crying baby there is a parent (or babysitter) at their wit's-end who is prepared to do anything to get the infant to quieten down. And we do mean anything. Often this is something really inappropriate, or at least hilariously out of chracter. A funny dance, a song you really shouldn't sing to children, strapping the crib to the wing of a 747 jet!! These care-givers are going to try it. They've tried everything else. Often this ridiculous measure is the only thing that will quieten the infant down.

Just how bizarre will, of course, depend on the baseline-reality of the work itself. A wacky and bizarre work filled with egregious violations of common-sense and the laws of physics will naturally have a more outrageous stunt than a work that is mostly realistic. The basic principle will remain, something that goes beyond what the character(s) would normally do, or would be considered sane by the rest of the cast. Please note this isn't just a baby fussing and not sleeping with the parent worrying, there must be the silliness element too.

A Comedy Trope and as such always Played for Laughs, if it is played for anything else it is not this trope.

No Real Life Examples, Please!, otherwise it'll turn into tropers tales.


Anime And Manga

Comic Books

Fan Fic

  • The three-part 50s era song used as a lullaby in Three Men and a Baby.
  • In the Vin Diesel movie The Pacifier, Diesel's character (a reluctant babysitter) has to learn the "Peter Panda Dance" (and the song that goes along with it), which is the only way to get one of the kids to go to sleep.

  • The book Go the Fuck to Sleep is entirely this trope, being about the desperation to send a child to sleep.

Live Action TV
  • Friends — Ross and Rachel find the only way to quiten Emma is to sing and perform Baby Got Back.
  • Doc Martin — Season 5 Ep 3, Louisa is so desperate to get her baby to sleep she does all sorts of bizarre dances, and even gets arch-stick-in-the-mud Martin to do one too.
    • The next episode reveals Martin is willing to place the baby in a car and drive right out to the middle of the moor as a way to lull the baby to sleep.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Miles finds to only way to get new baby Kirayoshi to sleep is to place him in the computer-pit of the Station's bridge. Or leave him with Worf. It is debatable which is the most silly.
  • Played with in Up All Night the parents can't get their daughter to sleep at all because of a loud party. Their solution is to call the police to get the party shut down, then quickly infiltrate the party so it looks like they weren't the ones who called the police. The irony is that baby Amy falls asleep immediately in the arms of the coworker they call in to babysit. Guess all they needed was to have Calvin hold her...
  • Murphy Brown — Murphy's son only stops fussing when listening to Barry Manlilow.
  • Dinosaurs — Earl does the Mating Dance to get Baby to sleep.
  • In Stargate Atlantis, Teyla can only get her son to sleep by continually walking around Atlantis. Keller says that when she was a baby, she would only sleep in the car, so her parents had this habit of driving around the block at 3 AM.
    Teyla: Hmm... that would be lovely. At least I'd be sitting down.


Table Top Games


Web Original

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons — After he and his wife have Octuplets, Apu has to strap on a body harness which simulates teats on a sow as the only way to feed them and keep the babies all quiet.

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