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Cooked To Death
Kitchen oven (or equivalent) as DeathTrap.
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"It was a half-baked idea to stop the killer in the kitchen. Now it's fully bakedľ and so are you."
Find Your Fate #12: James Bond in Strike It Deadly

Do We Have This One?? I don't think we do. Seen It a Million Times.

You're in the kitchen and need to kill someone? Open up the oven and shove them in! (...Clearly this thesis needs a little expansion.)

It doesn't have to be a typical kitchen oven, either; depending on the setting, a less modern (say, cauldron over a fire) or more modern (say, microwave oven) alternative may be equally feasible. Rule of thumb: if it's traditionally used for cooking food, it fits this trope.

Compare Sauna of Death, Murder by Cremation. Contrast Locked in a Freezer.


Fairy Tales
  • Famous example: Hansel and Gretel dispose of the witch this way. (The details vary depending on the version told.)
  • Slightly less famous example: in many versions of The Three Little Pigs, the third pig finally disposes of the wolf by placing a pot of boiling water in the fireplace while the wolf decides to make a chimney entrance. This trope ensues.

  • Chicken Run. Ginger and Rocky are almost subjected to this trope during the pie machine sequence. They escape it, though, complete with Indy Hat Roll.

Urban Legends
  • There's a story about a hippie babysitter who, while stoned, cooks the baby she's supposed to be sitting, thinking it's a turkey.
  • Similarly, there are stories about elderly women microwaving pets in an attempt to dry them off. Read about it here.

Video Games

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