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Elemental Eye Colors
Eye color indicates what element a person uses.
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Sprung out of this TRS discussion, about the various eye color tropes.

Eye color means many different things in fiction. Sometimes they mean someone is special, or has powers, or perhaps just innocent. One of the common uses of eye color is to indicate a person's elemental affinity.

Also compare Color-Coded for Your Convenience, Technicolor Eyes and Elemental Powers


Anime and Manga
  • Mizore, the Ice Woman of Rosario + Vampire, has ice powers and blue eyes. Interestingly, she can also control other people's water magic.
  • Zelman Clock from Black Blood Brothers has red eyes and is a pyrokinetic.
  • Shana from Shakugan no Shana has flaming red eyes when in full Flame Haze mode.

  • Played mostly straight initially in BIONICLE, with red eyes for Fire, blue for Ice, and yellow for Light. Later on (probably due to cost), fewer eye colors were used on sets.

Western Animation
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, people from the elemental nations (and thus what element they can bend) for the most part have their eye colors Color-Coded for Your Convenience. Blue for the Water Tribe, Green (or brown) for the Earth Kingdom, Gold for the Fire Nation and Grey for the Air Nomads.
    • Doubly Subverted by Toph, who is a blind earthbender, making her eyes grey. That is, until later when she learns to metalbend.
  • Wheeler on Captain Planet and the Planeteers has red eyes. And hair. Linka has blue eyes.
  • Stella, Flora, and Layla/Aisha from Winx Club have eye colors pertaining to their elements. Sun, Plants (or Earth, to some extent), and Water/Fluids, respectively.
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