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A stock parody of My Little Pony
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Since the height of The '80s fad days to recent years, My Little Pony has been etched in popular culture as a saccharine toy line for young girls who love horses.

Parodies and homages typically are Show Within a Show's featuring Always Female pastel ponies who can talk. Flank Insignia's are common but not a requirement. With the recent popularity of Friendship Is Magic with older audiences parodies have begun taking after it and are often more positive than previous depictions.

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  • Susan, Death's granddaughter in the Discworld book Soul Music, gets a "My Little Binky" toy for her third birthday from her grandfather, modelled after his pale horse, Binky. His parents return it, fearing that it will make her a less "normal" child.

     Live Action TV 
  • One of the Once an Episode Parody Commercial on The Aquabats! Super Show! featured a toy like this called the Scruffy Scruff, except the toy was exceptionally ugly. The kids in the commercial played with and adored it as if it were just as pretty as its real-world counterpart.
  • One sketch in a fifth season Horrible Histories episode included the Victorian My Little Pit Pony. This doll described what life was like for horses that worked in coal mines, including breathing coal dust and getting stuck in tunnels. They only came in one color: black.

  • In Heavenly Nostrils, Phoebe is a fan of the cartoon Pastel Unicorns and has a bunch of the toys. In a few strips (like on March 17, 2013 and on August 11, 2013) she discusses recent plot developments from the show, and they're barely-veiled references to actual episodes of Friendship Is Magic.

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 
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