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Always a copy cat killer
every serial killer gets copied
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it seems that whenever their is a serial killer arc or episode in a CSI/L&O type show, there will always be a copycat killer trying to get away with a little murder of their own, usually killing someone they wanted to anyway, and try to pass it off as just one more of the serial killers victims (i.e. serial killer kills women and poses them like a pinup, to man kills his wife for cheating on him or whatever and poses her like a pinup so he is never a suspect)

  • in NCIS, the P 2 P killer kills navy people and dresses them as higher ranking officers, then plastic wraps them and ties their feet with a certain knot. a police chief kills an ex-navy cop who is going to out his corruption, then tries to cover it by dressing and wrapping him like the p2p killer.
  • please help add more, i dont remember specifics for many.
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