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The Irish Mob

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Organized crime, Irish-style.

Like The Mafia and The Mafiya the Irish Mob is strongly linked with poor immigrant communities. Mostly this means America but they can also pop up in stories set in Britain as well as back home.

A distinction should be made between the Irish Mob and groups like the IRA and the INLA. While there is some overlap in fiction (and reality), for the purposes of this trope the Mob are Irish organized criminals motivated primarily by profit rather than the Cause.

The Mob originated in the early 19th century and until the rise of the Italian and Jewish gangs in the 1880's and later was the dominating force in New York organized crime. During the Twenties the Mob was a major player and many of the first flush of gangster movies featured Irish gangsters - famously James Cagney made a career out of playing them, starting with The Public Enemy (1931). Nevertheless the Irish Mob waned after these years, struggling under the competion with the Italian gangs and their own leadership struggles. Not that they ever went away - both in reality and in fiction the Mob has maintained a presence to this day.


  • The Public Enemy
  • The Sting
  • Road to Perdition
  • The Departed
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