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Paradoxical Nihilist
Someone who believes that all of existence has an intrisic higher meaning but acts like a Straw Nihilist.
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The Paradoxical Nihilist believes that all of existence has a higher meaning. Despite (or perhaps because of it) they'll act in a highly nihilistic manner, claiming that the acts of pitiful mortals are all insignificant in comparison to the higher meaning of existence.

This kind of higher meaning can take many forms. If their idea of a higher meaning is religious in nature then they're a Fundamentalist. They may be a believer in fate and that it's impossible to fight it.

On the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism this places rather oddly. A Paradoxical Nihilist will be highly idealistic in the sense that they think that things will get better when this higher meaning is achieved while at the same time will be highly cynical because they believe that any attempt to make things better by mortal efforts will always be doomed to failure.

Compare Straw Nihilist. Contrast the Anti Nihilist.

Yes they exist in real life. There still shouldn't be real life examples.



  • The Big Bad from Sunshine (2007) uses this as an excuse to kill the astronauts going to recharge the dying sun.
    "We are dust, and to the dust, we shall return. It is not our place, to challenge God!"


  • The famous-within-the-fandom 'Death And Dust' speech from Stephen Colbert. Even stranger because the character is (usually) a die-hard Catholic. Shortly after the 2000 Florida recount, having decided that all the debate and argument is irrelevant and who's President doesn't even matter:
    Stephen: You see, nothing means anything. Mankind is just a random collection of self-replicating protoplasm, floating in a godless universe where the stars blindly run and however frantically we may try to deny it, all our efforts amount to nothing more than death... and dust.
    [long pause]
    Stephen: [cheerful] Oh, and I'm having a Christmas cocktail party...

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