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Proportionately Ponderous Parasites
The parasites of giant creatures are also giant.
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When there are monstrously large creatures roaming the country side, you can expect the things that live on them (be they parasitic or symbiotic) to be proportionally as large. The creepiest of Big Creepy-Crawlies. They may be annoyances for their host, but for humans, they can be deadly. Often they are often more monstrous or mutated just to be able to live on such gigantic life forms.

Keep in mind that some parasites can get pretty large within human hosts (tape worms, etc.). This trope is for parasites that are larger than their normal (read: human and common animal preying) brethren due primarily to their host organism being larger.

A common feature of a Womb Level and often featured living on Kaiju.


Comic Books
  • The comic book Godzilla Legends has Godzilla, again, afflicted with a parasite. This time, it's a bird making a nest amidst its spines. The radioactivity mutated the birds into razor-beaked, multi-eyed freaks.

  • Pacific Rim. This has the some of the smallest parasites -- they look like Isopods, but are the size of footballs.
  • The Return Of Godzilla. In 1984 started this trope in modern times possibly. Here, Godzilla is aflicted with 4 to 5ft long sea lice. They are called Shokilas.
  • Gojira. A possible example. Inside Godzilla's footprint on Odo Island, Doctor Yamane discovers a Trilobite that, presumably, was living on Godzilla as a parasite. This one is the smallest known, at 6 inches.
  • Cloverfield. Clover has extremely dangerous "Flea" like creatures living on its hide. Their bite is extremely dangerous. They're about 5ft long to boot.

  • Chrono Trigger's Lavos is nothing more than a giant mite from outer space, which also happens to suck planets dry and is capable of raining fiery death on an entire world.
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