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In the movie, their stories started together

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In adaptations to other media, often origin stories of heroes and villains are merged.


  • In Tim Burton's Batman, the Joker killed Bruce's parents and Batman was responsible for the accident creating the Joker.
  • In Spiderman, both spidey and the Green Goblin gain their powers at roughly the same time by the same phlebotonium.
  • In Fantastic Four, Doom was in the same space voyage that gave the heroes their powers and also got some, while in the comics he's more like Iron Man.
  • In X-Men 3, Juggernaut and Dark Phoenix are simply mutants like the other characters.
  • Green Lantern features both Hal Jordan becoming a hero and Sinestro a Villian
  • Smallville features how Clark will become a hero and Lex a villian and they know each other since the pilot.

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