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Animal Mecha

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How Did We Miss This One??

Launching in two hours. Last call for examples / clarifications / input.

Mecha are cool. Some animals are pretty awesome. But what if we combine both?

Animal Mecha are, simply put, mecha built in the shape of animals. They are usually modeled after creatures considered Badass, especially Dinosaurs, predatory beasts, and birds of prey.

There are two subtypes of Animal Mecha:

  1. The first and older type involves otherwise machine-type mecha to be shaped like animals. Spider Tanks are a particular subtrope.
  2. The second and newer type involves sentient, alive creatures as Humongous Mecha. Related to Mechanical Lifeforms.

Mecha based on aquatic creatures tend to be prone to If It Swims, It Flies.

Examples of the first type:

Some examples of the second type:

Unsorted (feel free to classify)

Rolling Updates. Also some more input is welcome.
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