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Theatrics of Pain

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Ow ow ow ow! MOMMY!

The least electrifying move in sports entertainment: the broken neck.

Wrestling moves are often done using explicit and implicit cooperation by all wrestlers involved to minimize injuries while doing extremely dangerous maneuvers. Therefore, to help maintain the illusion, the wrestler receiving a move must make a show that the move actually hurt. This is also called "selling."

Usually, it is quite easy to tell if a wrestler has been injured for real or is selling the move by its absence.

When a wrestler pretends to be uninjured by the move, this is the No Sell, nearly a gimmick in its own right.

Sometimes, inexperienced wrestlers will hit too hard. This is called "stiffness," and usually, it's harder to "sell" their moves, making them difficult to work with.

Compare to Reality Is Unrealistic.

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