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The scientists (though invariably they'll be called something else) in a world all belong to an organization that functions pretty much like a religious order, incorporating such features a distinctive dress code, years of strictly regimented study, living in cloisters segregated from regular society, and vows of chastity. But, they're devoted to science for the sake of science, and are usually pretty disdainful of religion and the supernatural. Sometimes works as a parody of modern academic life.

Very Loosely Based on a True Story, since in the Middle Ages "scholar" and "monk" were practically synonymous. But medieval monks were all, at least in theory, concerned with God first and Science second.


  • Anathem depicts a world in which all scientific inquiry is carried out by cloistered savants who may only interact with the outside world every one, ten, hundred or thousand years. They're also forbidden from making any invention beyond a certain level of sophistication
  • The Maesters of A Song of Ice and Fire fit this trope perfectly, and even manage to exist alongside, and often opposed to, the more conventional religious order of "septons."
  • The Sword Of The Spirits trilogy by John Christopher (Samuel Youd). The Seers are a monastic priestly class that interprets the will of the "Spirits". However, they are actually scientists who want to bring back the use of technology.
  • The Adeptus Mechanicus in Warhammer 40,000 are the only people allowed to work on technology. They are also secluded on their own worlds and worship their separate Machine God.
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