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Get Laid Or Die Trying
A character does something courageous, traumatic, monumental or suicidal to have sex.
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Simon: I mean to say...
Kaylee: (cocks her gun) Hell with this. I'm gonna live!
Kaylee and Simon, surrounded by thousands of Reavers, Serenity

A character knows that they need to get laid. And they want to. Desperately, in fact.

The thing is, getting it (or at least, with the person they want) is an ordeal. They need to move mountains, walk on hot coals, drag carts through the desert, and single-handedly defeat The Empire. Or, they think they do anyway.

This motivation is all they need.

Tends to overlap with Love Makes You Evil, Love Makes You Crazy, and Love Makes You Stupid. May invoke My Biological Clock Is Ticking, I Want Grandkids, or good old-fashioned Deus Sex Machina.

Note: This trope does not apply for obscure instances. Not every Save the Princess trope is this plot (not even when it involves a Standard Hero Reward). Also, there is a difference between doing these things for love and doing them for sex. Examples must be the latter.

Also: incidentally, this is the Trope Namer.
     Live-Action Film 
  • As seen above, the penultimate resolution of the Unresolved Sexual Tension between Sim
  • This is the entire plot of Super Bad. Each of the teenaged protagonists is desperate to get laid. Seth even openly admits that he would risk his life to get laid.on and Kaylee in Serenity.

     Live-Action Television 
  • In the Criminal Minds episode "Jones", the team concludes that the killer must be female to have so easily lured men away from their drinking buddies. One character references this trope, saying: "Testosterone'd follow a woman to Thailand, barefoot".
  • In the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs, the episode "Giant of the Skies" has an old Ornithocheirus who is on his way to the mating grounds. Due to delays he arrives late and exhausted which eventually causes him to collapse and die while trying to attract a female.

  • No More Heroes: The protagonist's objective is this, going as far as to challenge professional assassins.

     Western Animation 
  • Penelope Pussycat, the "heroine" of most Pepe LePew stories. While Pepe himself is usually the aggressor, when he does it, it's mostly a sense of romanticism. In the stories where she's the one chasing him, she's a hell of a lot more forward about it. Unfortunately for both of them . . .

     Real Life 
  • Several animal species have incredibly dangerous mating rituals. In some cases mating is guaranteed to kill them (salmon and praying mantises) and in some cases, it's only when they fail to escape afterward (black widow spiders).
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