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Wrong Target Confession
The character just confessed to the wrong person
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Whenever a person is about to confess their feelings to another, for instance, it is a good idea to maintain eye contact, or else risk telling your confession to the next random person that comes behind you.

When writing a love letter, forgetting to sign your name will lead to the person assuming the wrong admirer, or possibly even the wrong person picks it up.

Even email is not infallible, at least in fiction (since unlike in Real Life, there will be no failed sending, and typing in undeadarmy1611@yahoo.com instead of undeadarmy1116@yahoo.com) will connect you with another person you know. This might also be an example of Laser-Guided Karma, as the person you accidentally confessed to might have actually been the one you were supposed to end up with.

Of course, this isn't only romantic confessions, getting a personal secret off your chest also counts.


  • School Rumble has Harima, who does this at least once per episode.
  • Confession doesn't have to be romantic per se. Marius confesses his story to "Tyrael" (actually, Baal) in Diablo II.
  • In The Mask of Zorro, Zorro hides from enemies in a confession booth. Elena steps into the booth for her confessional. She confesses her impure thoughts upon first meeting Zorro, not knowing she's saying it to Zorro himself. Though, since this actually is the person to confess to, this might be a subversion?
  • In the film "The Seventh Seal", Antonius Block inadvertantly gives away his game plan to his opponent -- Death, whom he mistakes as a priest -- in a confession booth.
  • In Smallville, Chloe confessed her feelings to Clark through a video recording because she thinks she is going to die and knows Clark would find out who did it. Lois watches it instead.
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