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Flesh Wounds Kill

If a major character loses a limb, they will die.

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The polar opposite of Only a Flesh Wound. If a major character loses an arm, a leg, their eyes, or some other crucial body part in a fight, they won't survive the fight.

Despite the obvious fact that in Real Life, getting your arm lopped off will get you killed if it's not treated almost immediately, this can also serve as a Mercy Kill of sorts, for the audience at least. While the audience may love a character, they'll want to remember them as the Badass who took down 500 mooks at once, not the one-legged hobo who lives in a retirement home. It's like euthanasia, only for your favorite characters! Cruel, but effective, we know.

Please note that this trope isn't "a character has lost a leg in the past, so he's going to die eventually". This is for when a major character, hero or villain, loses a part of their body during a fight, which directly or indirectly leads to their inevitable death by the fight's end.

Contrast, obviously, Only a Flesh Wound.

This is a death trope, so unmarked spoilers ahoy.
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