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Apology By Force
Apologizing because someone is forcing you, not because you truly mean it.
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Not only apologizing is hard when no one believes you're sincere about it, apologizing is also hard when you're really not sincere.

This is the trope where a person is apologizing for his misdeeds, but not because it is coming from the heart, but because of people forcing him to do it. Another example would be that a group of people are forcing him to apologize for a number of bad things, such as one person confesses one misdeed followed by one of the people to say "And?!" and so forth.

As we were kids, our parents taught us to apologize whenever we've done wrong to others, but some of us aren't sincere about it, even if people have forgiven us. (It's just as hard to apologize as a kid just as it is as an adult). It would seem as thought whenever someone forces a person to apologize, it just seems to make them Jerkasses, and doing this will make the character return to his wrongdoing, or make him even worse than he already is now. This can serve as a Broken Aesop if the message is "always apologize, even if you don't mean it" or "insincere apologies are better than being sincerely unrepentant". Sometimes, our insincere apologies can stem from either we're [[Pride too stubborn]] or the fear of people may never forgive.

This can be one of the reason why it's hard to be a good person.

Compare/contrast Buy Them Off. Compare Sarcastic Confession. Contrast The Atoner and Must Make Amends where apologies are always from the heart and not by force or obligation.

Live-Action TV

  • Lampshaded in the [[Main/Seinfeld Seinfeld]] episode, "The Apology", where George, feeling he deserves an apology from a recovering alcoholic acquaintence, who is on the 12-step program, currently on Step 9 (apologizing those whom he had wronged), and doesn't apologize to George for saying he has a big head, and would have ruined a sweater if he had borrowed it.
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