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Capital City
The central city of a nation/world
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Yes, there's a page called Capital City. No, it is not this trope.

In this thread we're looking to see if there's a setting trope of this sort.
The central city of a nation. The centre of power wealth and politics, this city is the heart of the country and vital to its survival. The greatest minds of the world will gather here to lend their services to the government, and in times of peace, trade and tourism will flourish.

Due to its importance, it will invariably be a strategic location and a frequent target for opposing factions, nations or just villains. Its destruction or invasion guarantees the downfall of the nation.

Multiple capital cities can be found within a work, especially if it's set during the war. Hub City is a video game specific subtrope.

  • The planet Coruscant in Star Wars serves as the capital first for the Old Republic, then for the Empire, and finally for the New Republic. The entire planet is one large sprawling city going down so deep that it's rare anyone sees the ground. It is a centre of commerce and political power for the entire galaxy.

  • In the Foreigner series, Shejidan is the capital of the Western Alliance, and control of it and its roads and train lines are the frequent focus of clans who want to overthrow Tabini-aiji and his Taisigi clan.
  • In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, the planet-wide city of Trantor at the center of the galaxy is the capital of the first galactic empire.
  • In The Heralds Of Valdemar, Haven is the capital of Valdemar and serves as the home not just to the palace and a large portion of the kingdom's inhabitants, but also the Colligium, the home base of the Heralds, the Healers, and the Bard's Guild.
  • In The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Luna City, where most of the action takes place, ends up becoming the new capital when the Moon wins its independence from Earth. This decision is kept secret for as long as possible to avoid offending the inhabitants of Hong Kong Luna.
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