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Love Realization Through Proximity
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Needs a better name. So you've got two people who are of the Everybody Can See It variety of relationship, who only see each other as friends.

How do we fix this? Somehow get them into close proximity with each other. Maybe one is showing the other how to do a golf swing. Maybe they've been forced into dancing with each other for some reason or other. Maybe the car is swerving and dumps one into the others lap. Stuff like that. Up for Grabs.
  • The inspiring example is from Asu no Yoichi!. The female lead is showing the male lead how to bowl through the traditional "stand behind them and move their arms" technique. Cue a blush and a quick step back.
  • White Christmas. Bob is helping Betty get down from the upper bunk. She lands and is facing him with his hands under her arms. For a moment both get a bit distant as they look at each other.

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