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The traits that the episode contains An Aesop about are accentuated at the beginning of the episode.
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Alice and Bob (part of the same team) have some problem between them. Maybe they aren't speaking to each other, or they accuse each other of being lazy, or they can't stop playing nasty pranks. Whatever it is, it annoys the other characters and disrupts the nakama, and given the problems they face, they can't afford that. This episode, Alice and Bob are going to learn An Aesop about The Power of Trust or The Power of Friendship, and their problem will be solved and leave them the stronger for it.

You can tell this is going to happen, because at the beginning of the episode, they're at it worse than ever.

This trope usually happens in episodic shows, where each problem can spend an entire episode being addressed. Note that the solution need not stick, and in fact might even Snap Back at the end of the Very Special Episode. If the problem didn't even exist before this episode, it's a Compressed Vice.


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