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Juxtaposed Halves Shot
A stock pose where half of two characters sides/faces are juxtaposed to or beside each other.
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Chapter 36 — The fight of the Fathersnote 

A stock pose that involves either juxtaposing half the face or body of two characters in the middle or putting them beside each other and showing only half of each person.

The purpose of this is to show the two sides of a conflict. Sometimes, characters related to one half are also literally on their side in the character's half of the shot.

Other times, this is just to show that one person has two sides within him. there usually aren't any other characters in this variation if used as a cover or poster.

Besides conflict, it is sometimes simply used to show partners or opposites, like past/future, good/evil, 2D/3D etc. in one shot.

See also Mirrored Confrontation Shot for a similar but conflict exclusive trope. Compare Versus Character Splash, where two characters' faces are are briefly shown in a Splash Screen as a prelude to a battle in a Fighting Game; and Fearful Symmetry, where both characters involved are usually shown in profile in an ongoing Blade Lock.


Comic Books
  • In a similar vein, in Silver Age Spider-Man comics when Peter Parker's Spidey Sense is triggered while he's in civvies we often see his face half normal and half in his costume's mask.


Live Action TV
  • Juxtaposed halves was a common motif used in the opening montage of Grimm, first we see a half-and-half shot of Monroe; the right hand side is his human form and the lefthand side he's in his wessen (monster) form. A few seconds later we see it again but with another character, Rosalee. [1]

Professional Wrestling



Western Animation
  • The home video covers for Mulan show one half of her face hidden by a sword. The other half is reflected in the sword, but as her male soldier persona.
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