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Nerds like bicycle bells
Any time a movie is trying to portray a bicycle rider to be a nerd,, they ALWAYS ring their bike bell as soon as they get on
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Any movie or TV show that portrays a character riding a bike in a negative way (which is the majority) must have the character riding the typical bike bell like you hear in Queen's Bicycle Race. It doesn't matter if there is no reason for the bell to be rung. Nobody that they need to alert to their presense in front of them. They just ring it to further solidify their nerdiness. An example would be the deputy in Cabin Fever when he rides off after first investigating the cabin. This does not happen in the rare movies wher bike riding is not portrayed as being nerdy (Breaking Away, Quicksilver, even the beginning of Caddyshack.)

This would obviously not apply to foreign films nearly as much, as bicycle riding is much more common in Europe and therefore the movies reflect it.
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