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Door-impaired NPC
When an NPC in a game cannot use doors or transfer between areas.
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You're being chased by a Viscious band of Mooks, and there seems to be no escape. But wait, is the door to that house unlocked? Although it'll only buy you a few seconds, you dart inside, only for...the enemies to apparently forget you exist. There are really two forms of this trope;one where a new area requires loading and the NPC does not appear in the new place (however easy it should have been for them to follow you), and one where opponents simply can't work the knobs on doors in the same level.

There were a few examples of this in Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence, but i think this should be separate because it only effects NP Cs, and the 'new area' variation doesn't fit there at all.

The example that sparked me to make this was Fallout 3, where human enemies will not follow you through an unlocked gate when they will chase you endlessly through the wastes.

And almost every MMO has this, as stated in Insurmountablewaisthieghtfence. Some get around it by having guards in proper places, that fight off enemies.

I know there are more tropes, i just can't think of them right now. Any input?
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