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Overly Long and Sad Failure
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[Do We Have This One?]? Pretty much, anytime you fail in a video game. Instead of having a simple 'You Lose' or whatever, then a continue option, it slowly drags it out, with dark, depressing music, as the screen achingly slow starts to turn black or red as you fade out of existence, before FINALLY reminding you, yet again that YOU LOSE, as if the twenty minute depressing music wasn't enough.

This Video Game trope is about the long failures, aren't skippable, and certainly are ones sure to infuriate. Also a plus if you can't just restart from where you were, but instead have to quit, load game, then try again.

Among several other examples I can't think of, I am reminded of Bladestorm, where upon losing, not only do you have a drawn out failure screen, but also a recap about how if your country 'had just hired a single better mercenary' things would've been turned on its head.
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