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I was looking at the Elemental Powers page, and I noticed that, while An Ice Person, etc. get their own page, Darkness seemingly does not, even though it pops up frequently, and gets bonus points for completely disregarding physics (as I understand it).

Want to prove just how Darker and Edgier your villain is? Want to show just how diametrically opposed he is to the forces of good?

Simple! Give him control over the very opposite of the shiny, benevolent light, and the goodness and morality "inherently" associated with it, that the protagonists fight to protect!

This is a character that can control or otherwise manipulate the powers of Darkness.

This "Darkness" can come in 4 forms. In no particular order:
  1. Death, hate, anger, fear, disease, negativity, etc. and other general nastiness associated with these. Expect people who use these to be pretty unpleasant.
  2. Directly manipulating darkness itself. It should be noted that this completely bastardizes the laws of physics. Darkness is simply absence of light, and is no more capable of causing harm then a dark room. Additionally, the "creation" of darkness would involve the destruction of light, violating thermodynamics. One could say that those using these powers draw their power directly from the Rule of Cool, and heaven help them if they aren't enough of a Badass to do so. Fortunately, they often are. Can be explained as the darkness being a form of Applied Phlebotinum, possibly taking the form of a solid, in which case it has a strange tendancy to take the form of tentacles.
  3. Things or forces associated with the dark and/or night. Again, expect people using these to be evil, or at the very least, creepy. Or maybe even ninjas!
  4. Evil, or possibly even demonic in nature. Unless coming from a diminutive Deadpan Snarker, get out your Infinity+1 Sword or run like hell. Use of these powers often requires/precipitates a fall to the Dark Side. May taste like Hellfire.

People using the (often-forbidden) powers of darkness tend to be brooding, secretive, mildy-to-severely sociopathic, either a) emo or b) psychotic/homicidal, and, if not the enemy legion as a whole, then the Big Bad or at least The Dragon.

If the character is a protagonist, the forecast is for an Anti-Hero with a 50% chance of whiny self-loathing. May have or even be a Superpowered Evil Side, but even if not, never, EVER piss them off. Of course, both villains and (anti)heroes may disregard the preceding completely in favor of being a Badass. Villains who take this option have an odd tendancy to become a Cultured Badass.

Any females wielding the power of darkness maywill have clothes that are slightlybrain-bendingly Stripperific.

If Dark Is Not Evil, however, all bets are off.

May be combined with its opposite for a Yin-Yang Bomb. A subtrope of Elemental Powers. Not to be confused with Black Magic, though the two may overlap to some small extent. See also Living Shadow.

  • Shadow from Tales of Symphonia.
    • A female example from this game is PornPronyma. And, predictably enough, she dresses like a demonic hooker.
    • Emil and Tenebrae in Dawn of the New World.
  • Magus in Chrono Trigger.
  • The Shaman and Druid classes in Fire Emblem.
    • Canas seems to subvert the typical personality attributes by being a genuinely good guy.
  • Ansem/Riku in Kingdom Hearts. Also, the Heartless.
  • Shademan, Darkman, and EraseKillerman in Mega Man Battle Network.
  • Gannondorf in The Legend of Zelda.
  • Good ol' Dracula and Death in Castlevania. Dracula uses #4, Death uses #1.
    • Not to mention various other monsters in the series, who between them make liberal use of all four varieties.
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