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Sons of Slaves
A race has slave ancestry as a defining element of their culture.
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At some point in the past, one group of people enslaved another, and that enslaved group later regained their freedom. But their years as slaves have left a mark even on their free descendants, who aren't about to forget what was done to them any time soon.

As a possible part of a race's hat, or a facet of broader character development, Sons of Slaves have a higher likelihood of exhibiting a number of certain tropes. They may place a high value on things that belong to their traditional culture, especially if that culture is in danger of being lost otherwise, and put greater stock in group unity. Bonus points if that culture takes inspiration from Magical Negro and/or Magical Native American tropes. They have a higher-than-average chance of spawning ProudWarriorRaceGuys, especially if they bear a grudge against their former captors. And if Slave Liberation or a similar cause figures in a plot, expect them to be deeply enmeshed in it.


  • The Minmatar of EVE Online were invaded end enslaved by the zealot Ammar Empire several centuries ago in New Eden's timeline, and sucessfully rebelled against their masters a bit over a century ago. Though the Amarr (begrudgingly) recognize the young Minmatar Republic, many Minmatar are still slaves in the Empire, and their options for being freed are generally either by assimilating into the Amarr culture (where they will be second class citizens at best) or by force. Since, up until the Empyrean War, the two were officially at peace, this remains a hot political issue. Many freed slaves are fairly assimilated, but much of the Matari culture involves efforts to revive their tribal culture, and the Brutor especially tend to carry the Proud Warrior Race flag.

  • The Githyanki from the Planescape universe were once slaves of the Mind Flayers, and were led out by the hero Zirthamon, whose teaching and moral code became the core of their philosophy - very important in a universe, and especially on the plane of Limbo, where belief shapes reality.
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