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Real Life Sank The Ship
Real life complications destroys a fictional pairing
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Hooray! It's the season finale and they finally got together and became the Official Couple! After the viewers watched them Meet Cute, shrugged at the arrival of the Romantic False Lead, sat through seasons and seasons of Will They or Won't They?, shouted hurray at their Now or Never Kiss and this is the moment we've all been waiting for! And for good reason, because next season...

They break up or their relationship ends in some horrible, horrible way possibly for good....since one of them is being written off and will most likely not be coming back. But why? Can't we just see them together happily for ones? Well no, next season either one of them leaves on a Long Bus Trip and the other receives a "Dear John" Letter because hey, since they will mst likely no longer see each other again and hey, Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. That or one of them gets Killed Off for Real. But why?

Well, what you've most likely seen is an example of Real Life Sank The Ship, one of the most common forms of Ship Sinking in entertainment. As you see, actors are fickle people, and may lose interest, or simply get bored in what their role is and not sign up for another season. That or, there is a contract dispute between the actor and the director of a Tv show or movie that the actor was in resuting in said actor getting written out. Or it many be that the actor had a tight schedule and can't focus on the show anymore, or he/she dies and it becomes a case of Author Existence Failure. Anyways, once this happens, the ship is sunk, possibly for good, and the chances of them getting back together is almost nil, unless the actor/actress somehow gets back into the show, and even then possible guest appearances could deal with the two moving on and struggling against their feelings for one another, and ultimately or grudgingly succeeding.

Compare with Real Life Writes the Plot, see also Watsonian Versus Doylist (this trope fall under Doylist)

NOTE: Has nothing to do with actual disasters and ship sinking at sea.

Examples of this include:


[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
  • Through their relationship never got beyond some Ship Tease in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, there was speculation, giving what was seen in the novel, that Tomino wanted Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass to get romantically involved with each other at one point. However, as Sayla's voice actress was busy, being on a safari when Zeta Gundam was airing, she couldn't be around to portray her character in Zeta Gundam and was Demoted to Extra, having only one scene in Zeta Gundam and a cameo in Gundam ZZ. It has been speculated that the character of Beltorchika Irma was supposed to fill the role originally intended for Sayla in the anime. And with the death of the actress by cancer in 2003, this may never be explored. However, this might have happened to some degree in canon as implied in one of the earlier Zeta Gundam episodes, where Fraw Bow makes an offhand remark about Amuro "mooning about Sayla".

[[folder: Film]]

[[folder: Live Action TV]]

  • In the Power Rangers fandom, some people speculate that the reason for Kimberly's "Dear John" Letter to Tommy was because the actress didn't want anything to do with the show anymore so they couldn't portray their relationship as a long-distance one.
  • In House of Anubis, this was the ultimate fate of the relationship between Nina and Fabian, after spending 2 seasons trying to get together and then breaking up, and getting back together again, they apprently broke up for the final time in Season 3, with Nina sending Fabian a "Dear John" Letter saying that she can't come back because if she does "terrible things will happen", and it drove Fabian nuts. The reason for all of this in real life is because Natalia Ramos, the actress who portrayed Nina, chose to focus on her studies instead of signing up for season 3. And with the possibility that the movie, if there IS a Season 4 will end the current story arc, the fact that Nina is very likely not appearing in the movie as Natalia is rumored to not be in it and the next season if it gets renewed would most likely focus on a new generation, don't expect them to get back together any time soon.
  • On Cheers Sam & Diane's on-again-off-again relationship culminated in them getting married - except Diane leaves Sam at the altar to go off and write her novel. She promises to come back in six months, but since Shelley Long (Diane) was leaving the show nobody expected her to do so.

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