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Part Slapstick, part Wardrobe Malfunction, this occurs when a character has the clothing on or around their buttocks suddenly grabbed and lifted. It comes in two humiliating flavors.

The classic wedgie is (with a few noteworthy exceptions) always visited upon a male character. The character will have his underpants violently pulled up, literally "wedging" them into his anus. The underpants might be left hanging from some high place (with the victim still in them) as added humiliation, or they might be pulled so high they cover the victim's eyes and/or face (the "atomic" wedgie). The recipient in most settings tends to be a Nerd, especially if the show is taking place on a high-school campus.

The less vulgar variant can be visited upon either men or women, and it typically involves a clawed apparatus of some sort (a hook, in most cases) snagging a character by the seat of the pants or the hem of a skirt and lifting them into the air. If this happens to a woman in a skirt, her panties will be flashed to the world. This is popular in "zany" cartoons.
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