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Psychic Redhead Girl
A woman with red hair and psychic powers
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So the heroes have a Fiery Redhead girl on their team. She might have some an ability related to fire, but if she doesn't chances are she'll have some kind of psychic powers. Chances are made all the more likely if she has Exotic Eye Designs.

The archetypal psychic redhead girl would be Jean Grey, from the X-men, who is one of the most powerful psychics in the Marvel universe. She's prolific enough to have spawned a number of expies, such as Sister Psyche from the long-running MMO City of Heroes.

Also keep in mind that her psychic powers may be more subtle, or may only be one of her abilities. Erza Scarlet, from Fairy Tail, fights like a sword wielding Action Girl, but is considered a wizard because of her telekinetic powers that she uses to switch out and levitate her weapons.
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