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Ditch the Loot
A measure of character development (or lack thereof)
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Do We Have This One?? Needs a Better Description

The adventure is coming to a head. The loot/treasure/ancient relic the whole journey was about is in hand. But what's this? The cave is collapsing, or the base is self-destructing, or the transdimensional beings are sucking everything in their wake into a parallel universe, and, worst of all, the loot is too damn heavy to make a successful getaway with.

Both heroes and villains can be faced with the choice of abandoning that which they have dedicated so much energy in locating, or saving the lives of themselves and others.

Seen It a Million Times, but can't think of many now.



  • In the movie The Mummy, Rick's (former) friend Beni attempts to make off with as much ancient treasure as he possibly can, even going as far as to make several trips back into the very haunted tomb. Eventually, the whole starts to come down (because of him), and, despite Rick's attempts to help him, it's too late.

  • In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, George's greed (and possibly a sense of regret) leads to an unfortunate fate...in some sort of crazy portal to Another Dimension.

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