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Personally Significant Date Spot
A character takes their LoveInterest to a very pretty and personally significant place.
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Two characters are sharing a romantic moment, and one of them suggests bringing the other somewhere else (often blindfolded). But this isn't just any gorgeous sight or stunning view: said "somewhere else" is often someplace that holds a lot of significance for the bringer (for example, their secret, most favorite place in the city, etc.). The fact that they even bring their partner there is often a show of trust, which makes this trope particularly heartwarming for the more aloof love interests. Bonus points if the site is important for both of them.

Bringing them there will often culminate in plenty of romantic and heartwarming moments, and a Relationship Upgrade (if they aren't in a relationship already). Expect a return to Make-Out Point as adults if there is a Book End theme. Very common in Dating Sim games, and will often turn up as part of a Romance Sidequest.


Anime and Manga

  • In First Love Sisters, one of the earliest signs of their growing romance is when Haruna shows Chiko her secret garden - a very pretty clearing in the school gardens where Haruna has liked to go to for lunch for years.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sosuke takes Chidori to his secret fishing spot.
  • Patlabor: In Patlabor: The New Files: In the final episode, Asuma takes Noa to visit his older brother's grave. After paying their respects, she asks why. Asuma tells her it's because she's his partner; though it's subtly implied that his feelings for Noa go deeper than that.


  • The Sure Thing: Near the beginning, Gib brings Allison to the roof where he likes looking at the stars. She's impressed until he starts making moves on her and she angrily leaves. In the final scene, having finally gotten together, they return to the roof for their Official Kiss.
  • The beach house where Ah Jong takes Jenny from The Killer was intended as this. It ends up being the stage for one of the biggest shootouts of the movie, and the very first one where the two protagonists of the movie fight alongside each other for the first time.

  • In Anne of the Island Gilbert takes Anne to Hester Gray's garden for two reasons. The first is that she loves the garden for it's own sake (Hester Gray loved flowers, too and led a romantic life). The second is that Gilbert knows that a wild apple tree is back there (Anne loves apples) and knows that Anne will enjoy tasting them.

Live Action TV

  • The Drew Carey Show: For their first date, Drew takes Kate to the planetarium where they first met when they were in grade school.
  • In the British TV series The Darling Buds of May, Mariette brings her love interest Charlie to a spot in the woods where bluebells grow and nightingales sing both night and day. This is her attempt to upgrade the relationship. Later in the series her sister Primrose brings her own love interest to the same spot for the same reason.

  • Keane's Somewhere Only We Know is about a world-weary lover who wants to take his beloved to that special private place, for a little bit of solace.

Video Games

Visual Novel
  • Kanon: Once Yuuichi and Shiori start getting along and agree to go on a date, she makes a vague reference to a place that's important to her. On their next date, they do go there - a pretty garden with a beautiful fountain that happens to be almost totally abandoned since it's the middle of winter.

Western Animation

  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender: The girl who has a crush on Zuko takes him to her favorite spot in the city — a bunch of lanterns and a reflecting pool. They're not lit though. Zuko surprises her by lighting them with firebending.
  • Attempted on The Simpsons when Homer takes Marge to the old LISA note  train they used to ride when they were dating, but he finds in in all sorts of disrepair.

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