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Your on the planet earth humans evolved, but where is the continent of africa? the answer is it was never formed since this earths geography is different. Examples of this would be one piece, I think dragon ball z, and Naruto. For books Lord of The Rings, the wizard of Oz and many fantasy universes can be said to take place on an earth with different geography from our own. Stories involving california or new york no longer existing due to being underwater could also be alternate geography.

examples Anime and Manga
  • Dragon ball z specifically states in the series that it takes place on a version of earth and often refer to the planet earth, but there are different continents than this earths.
  • In Pokémon Heroes Misty refers to the planet they live on as earth and there are many simmilarities to their planet with earth such as the amount of water, the climate and the moon.
  • One piece has been mentioned as taking place in 1522, but an alternate 1522 with different technology and dinosaurs. There is also mention of a singular moon in the skypiea arc which is simmilar to earth.
  • In Katherine Kurtz's Deryni novels the coastline of Europe is a different shape, except in a few places corresponding for instance to where Cornwall and parts of Scotland would be in our world, and where you'd expect to find the British Isles there's a single large peninsula.

  • In one of the parallel worlds in the Chrestomanci series, Britain is still attached to the rest of Europe and the Alps stretch all the way into England. A side effect of this is that a lot of country names and borders are different.

  • In Islandia there is a fictional continent on earth called karain. Karain is considered a utopia.

  • In Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, the second Earth is much like the original one, except that Africa now has many fjords. Slartibartfast, for the first Earth the designer of Norway's coastline, is responsible for this.
  • In Dinotopia the island Dinotopia exists on earth and it is a place where dinosaurs and humans coexist. The island broke away from the asian subcontinent.
Video Games
  • Strangereal, the original setting of the Ace Combat series, got Antarctica and Greenland down, but the rest of the continents and oceans are messed up, with identifiable features (such as Great Lakes) found all over the place. It also features a plethora of alternative countries (all of them distinctly Western; there is no equivalent of Africa, Asia, or Australia at all). On the other hand, it seems to have the same sky as Earth (down to individual constellations) and, somehow, exactly the same models of air, sea, and land combat vehicles as contemporary Earth.
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