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Save The World Climax - Entry Pimps Needed
A work starts out with a small conflict but ends up being about saving the world - Example collection for TRS
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Example collection YKTTW for Save the World Climax. Please do not propose examples that are already on that page.

Sometimes, a story starts out with a small conflict, but then escalates to the point that the her's party has to save the entire world.

It doesn't matter what the party's original goals were (or those of its members); they're going to end up Saving the World from an unstoppable, inconceivable threat - and since You Can't Thwart Stage One, they will only defeat said threat only when the world is right on the brink of doom.

A corollary is that despite the all-encompassing nature of the threat, no one else in the world will assist them, or even care. Forget about receiving a " saving-the-world discount" from shops, or a few armies to help them storm the Big Bad's lair.

Compare Grand Finale, where the scope of a serial work is expanded for the final (couple of) episode(s); Big Damn Movie, where an cinematic adaptation of a smaller-scale work has a Save the World Climax plotline; and Sequel Escalation.
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