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Too Young To Die
Character laments being too young and inexperienced in life to die yet.
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Seen It a Million Times, Cant Believe We Missed This

You Don't Want to Die a Virgin, Do You? is about Very Bad Situations where one character uses the trope title to persuade another character to have relations before it all ends. Some of the examples there fit better what is described below.

And then there are Not So Bad But Definitely Scary Situations, where a character yells or realises "I Dont Wanna Die A Virgin" or "Im Too Young To Die!" -- whether there are other characters present or not. Frequently Played for Laughs.

Tropable? This is meant to hold all similar expressions of regret for dying before getting to experience a full life, or at least the most exciting parts.

Anime and Manga
  • In Love Pistols the main character, Norio, gets into a scooter accident. As he realises his life is in danger, he quickly realises he doesn't want to die a virgin, "without ever knowing the soft, sweet figure of a woman, and tasting--"... well, he gets detailed.

Live Action TV
  • Played for laughs in the Red Dwarf episode "Future Echoes", where Dave Lister goes into details about all the things he'd always meant to do but won't if he dies now. "And I've never read... a book."
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