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No matter what happens, the police can assign a code to it.
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We've got a 20-26, someone's trying to describe a trope here!

The Monster of the Week is raging through New York, carrying a load of Noodle Implements, and he's even kidnapped the Designated Victim. A police officer on scene calmly pulls out his radio and says "We've got a 10-340".

No matter how obscure, improbable, or downright weird, the Crazy-Prepared department has a code for it. Furthermore, everyone will know instantly what the code means, and they might even have trained for its eventual occurrence.



[[folder:Literature]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • A subversion from Corner Gas when Davis finds what he thinks is an alien crop circle:
    Davis: I want you to get the RCMP down here right away. Tell them we got a 10-92.
    Karen: Parking violation?
    Davis: By aliens!

  • From Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle:
    We got a 211, a 183, believe it or not, we got an 11-350, and it ain't pretty.
    An 11-350? You found an illegal chinchilla ranch on the premises?
  • In Live Free or Die Hard, John Mc Clane uses this to oust a fake police dispatcher. The code he gives is for naked people running around, and the dispatcher doesn't pick up on it.

  • There's a Naval version in Good Omens, involving the lost continent of Atlantis.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Occurs in a Garfield and Friends short:
    Chief: Looks like we got an 817, Jones.
    Cop: A creature living in the refrigerator, behind the mayonnaise, next to the ketchup, and to the left of the coleslaw?
    Chief: You got it.

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