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Trial By Ordeal
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We have Trial by Combat, where in turn Trial By Ordeal is mentioned, but we don't have it.

Trial By Ordeal is using some sort of ritual to determinate whether or not person is guilty. Basically, sort of divination.


Comic Books
  • The Phantom once had a story arc featuring an African tribe with a stricter version of the Trial by Hot Metal: if you were innocent, the hot metal wouldn't burn you at all. It turned out the trials were rigged by the tribe's Witch Doctor using a flesh-colored leaf from a local plant that made a good heat insulator.

Live-Action TV

  • Marauders of Gor takes place in Fantasy Counterpart Culture to Vikings, and Trial by Hot Metal comes up briefly as they tour a fair.
    We passed one fellow, whom we noted seized up two bars of red hot metal and ran some twenty feet, and then threw them from him.
    "What is he doing?" I asked.
    "He is proving that he has told the truth," said the Forkbeard.

Western Animation
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