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Antagonist Shows Up At The Funeral
Someone shows up to pay their respects as a funeral of someone they never got along with
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Bob and Charlie dont like each other. All of Bob's friends know it. Maybe Charlie stole Alice away from Bob. Maybe they were Rivals. What ever happened, it was definitely bad.

But none of that matters now, Bob has died. All of Bob's friends are attending his funeral, and surprisingly so is Charlie. Everyone is on edge waiting for Charlie to do something, but they don't want to ruin the funeral. Surprisingly, Charlie silently pays his respects. Maybe hes a Proud Warrior Race Guy and you Never Speak Ill of the Dead. Maybe he didn't hate Bob as much as everyone thought.

  • In the justice league episode where everyone thinks superman has died, Lex Luthor shows up at the funeral, but actually acts respectfully.
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