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The Tonsillitis Episode
Don't worry, Little Bobby; after this, you can have all the ice cream you want!
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This is a one-episode medical condition that seems to be prevalent in kids' shows. As such, it is played less for drama, and falls more into the category of Very Special Episode. The basic formula for such an episode is thus:

  • The character (usually either a kid, or someone sufficiently child-like) has a throat problem that turns out to be tonsillitis.
  • The character angsts about having to have surgery, but is reassured by his/her loved ones and promised - and this is important - "All The Ice Cream You Can Eat."
  • The operation goes off without a hitch. Whether loved ones actually come through with the ice cream is optional.

Sub-Trope of Sick Episode


Film Shorts
  • In The Little Rascals short "Men in Fright" Darla has just gotten her tonsils out, and Alfalfa is tricked by another boy into taking his place, not knowing that the other boy is scheduled for a tonsilectomy too.
    • In "No Noise" Mickey gets his tonsils out.


Live Action TV
  • As an example of the child-like patient, in M*A*S*H, Radar develops tonsillitis, and near the end of the episode, Hawkeye and BJ trade their precious portable bathtub in exchange for ten gallons of icecream for him... which then ends up being shared amongst the entire camp.
  • The Brady Bunch: Cindy needs her tonsils out on the same weekend the family is planning on a trip on Mike's boss's boat. Then Carol needs hers out too.
  • The Nanny episode "Deep Throat" has Fran getting her tonsils out. Maxwell and the Sheffield family stays with her through the procedure, much to C.C. Babcock's horror, who hoped Maxwell would accompany her to her reunion.

Real Life

Stand-Up Comedy
  • Bill Cosby had a routine where he was going to have his tonsils taken out, and after seeing a anesthetized kid, he thought the kid had died and "All the ice cream you can eat," was a euphemism for death.

Web Original
  • Referenced in I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Rorschach and Deadpool visit a guy in the hospital after Deadpool shot him. Deadpool talks like a soothing parent and utters the ice cream line.

Western Animation
  • Played straight in Busy Town. I think he even got his ice cream, too.
  • Happened in Madeline.
  • This was also used with Isabella in the Phineas and Ferb episode "I Scream, You Scream".
  • A Rugrats episode had Susie Carmichael suffering from tonsillitis and slipping into an Oz-esque dream world.
  • Little Bill had one of these
  • May have happened in an episode of Arthur.
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