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A hub page for VideoGames like Anime, WesternAnimation and Manga
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I am aiming at creating a "Hub page" for video games much like the pages Anime, Western Animation, Manga, Tabletop Game and the like are for their mediums. I'll need some input regarding the history of video games and whether to name it "Video Game" or "Video Games".

Electronic games that rely on the input of a human through an user interface.

The idea of operating games electronically is old, but the first "pure" video game is considered to be Tennis For Two in 1958.

Video games by virtue of their interactive nature have unique tropes associated with them, the Videogame Tropes.

See also Choose Your Own Adventure for a precursor to modern video games and Visual Novel for videogamelike works in the narrative style of literature.

Videogames and videogame series:

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