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Strangely Arousing
I have no idea what's going on, but I LIKE it!
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"I have the weirdest boner right now."

Sometimes, someone will come upon something they don't understand, or simply cannot comprehend. Maybe it's two (or more) people engaged in something so Head-Tiltingly Kinky that it blows their mind. Maybe it is an Eldritch Abomination made of nothing but tentacles and gaping orifices. Maybe its Austalian-rules football. It doesn't matter. All that we know is that:

A.) They have no clue what is happening.


B.) It's HOT!

Strangely Arousing is a trope that takes people far beyond the brink of arousal, with no understanding of why.The confusing element doesn't even have to be sexual in ANY way. Nor does the character have to be one that responds sexually to everything. In fact, the trope works infinitely better if the inciting incident ISN'T indecent. Though if it is, it should be so far gone beyond "normal" sexuality it comes out the other side.

Compare Head-Tiltingly Kinky. Note that Stupid Sexy Flanders is a very mild form of the trope, limited only to an unusual homoerotic sensation. Can overlap Fantastic Arousal, but only when a party witnesses it without understanding it, or to further drive home a sense of Blue and Orange Morality. Can also be referenced later as a Call Back when we later find the character has embraced this trope and turned it into personal Fetish Fuel.

No Real Life Examples, Please!. After all, everyone is into something, and everything has someone into it.

Examples of this YKTTW include:

  • In eXistenZ, the two main characters are in an advanced form of videogame where their characters suddenly feel aroused and start making out; At first they are confused but quickly figure out that the game's script calls for their characters to start a love affair, so they just go with it to advance the plot, all the while talking on a meta-level about the significance of the whole thing and their situation.
  • Clerks 2. Upon witnissing the Donkey Show, Becky exclaims "I'm disgusted and repulsed and... and I can't look away."
  • * In Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy Will has a less bizarre version, saying, "I find... I find, I find you strangely attractive. [beat] You're not the sort of girl I normally go out with - I mean, you're loud, you're disorganized, your friends are an embarrassment. But I like you, I don't know why. Will you... will you... will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?"
  • Kinsey: In a meta-example, during one of the survey interviews, one subject claims he only ever achieved orgasm once, while playing Mozart. The interviewer is clearly confounded by the idea.

Live-Action TV
  • Community. Troy is so confused by the events going on around him, but somehow, he's turned on. "I have the weirdest boner."

Web Animation
  • Red vs. Blue. Upon learning multiple assumptions regarding the other cast members were wrong, Sheila the Tank says "I am confused. I thought your name was Lopez. And I thought you were a man. This is all so strange. I feel like my circuits are crossed... And I like it."

Western Animation
  • South Park. Butters, upon watching Back Door Sluts 9, experiences arousal for what we can assume is the first time. "What's going on down there?". Acts as a double-down of the trope, as both the porno AND his arousal are strange and exciting.
  • Family Guy. Quagmire finds it strangely arousing to see Lois beat up a bunch of New Yorkers. Not paying attention, he accidentally drops the window he opened up on his manhood and had to call 911.
    Quagmire: Hello, 911? Yea-yeah, its in a window this time.

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