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Patchwork People
A body made of other bodies.
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The Doctor: You have the eyes of a twenty-year-old.
Uncle: Thank you.
The Doctor: No, no, I mean it, literally, your eyes are thirty years younger than the rest of you. Your ears don't match, your right arm is two inches longer than your left, and how's your dancing? Cause you've got two left feet! Patchwork people. You've been patched up and repaired so often if doubt there's anything left of what used to be you.
-- The Doctor's Wife, Doctor Who.

Do We Have This One?? Needs a Better Description.

A body made of other bodies. Stitched together from leftover limbs, this character's existence cost somebody an arm and a leg. For that extra dose of horror, not all of it might be human.

A character like this might be Played for Laughs, extremely pragmatic, or a mess of existential horror.


  • All Igors from the Discworld are examples of a pragmatic mindset. When an Igor is said to have their grandfather's eyes, it's not a metaphor, and there's always the saying that a good pair of hands is worth hanging on to.
  • Auntie and Uncle from Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife are played for horror, victims of the House's playthings.
  • Frankenstein's monster was originally made from other body parts.
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