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Monsters Vs Monsters
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A huge sea dragon is about to destroy the kingdom. But what's this? The dragon that has been raised since it was an egg has come to save the day...

This trope is when monsters, dragons, demons, gods, etc fight each other, usually in an epic battle.

Subtrope of Cool vs. Awesome. Compare Monster Mash.



  • Gamera Vs Viras (AKA Destroy All Planets). The giant flying turtle Gamera fights a giant squid-like creature to protect the Earth from an alien invasion.
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991). The two title monsters have a battle in Tokyo which ends with Godzilla blasting off King Ghidorah's middle head.
  • War Of The Gargantuas. The brown gargantua is a good guy who likes and protects humans. The green gargantua is violent, savage and eats people. They are brothers who were raised separately.

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