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Being trapped in another gender is NOT cool.
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Laconic: Being trapped in another gender is NOT cool.

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She was a beautiful girl that turned into an ugly boy. No wonder why he is evil...

A character has undergone a complete physical sex change, usually through magic or Applied Phlebotinum.

For some this might be a positive experience; for the Escapist Character experiencing life as someone of a different gender can be a new adventure or Wish Fulfillment for the audience, and for the character who is not comfortable with who they are, the Second Law of Gender Bending will often lead them to their personal Happy Ending. Not so this character.

The character will not be happy at all with the new condition. There might be any number of reasons for this. Maybe they were just about to marry with their True Love. Maybe they didn't receive the benefit of Attractive Bent-Gender. Perhaps it was just a case of being happy with the old gender and they simply aren't comfortable with their current body. Whatever the specific issues they may have, the Gender Bender situation will result in angst, conflict, etc. for the character.


Manga and Anime
  • In the manga series Kagerou-Nostalgia, Ranmaru, formerly a woman, was transformed into a man by the series' Big Bad before the story even began and now serves as one of his two Dragons, changing back to a woman once a month. This is a problem for her partner, Rikimaru, who had a huge crush on her female form. They're now forced to serve together as Heterosexual Life-Partners, and the situation destroys their relationship.
  • Ranma Saotome, alghouth eventually learns to use it to his advantage, whenever a a posibillity to remove the Jusenkio Curse he inmediatly jumps to it

  • In Prelude To A Kiss, the main lead exchanged bodies with an old man just before she was going to marry.

  • In the The Hot Chick. A "Freaky Friday" Flip causes the bodies of Rachel McAdams (a Libby) and Rob Schneider (a petty thief) to switch, causing both angst.

Web Comics

  • In Misfile, while Ash has gradually become more accepting of the situation, s/he is still deathly afraid that he will remain a girl forever. Though being a girl no longer causes angst, 'he' is afraid of growing too complacent with the new state.
    • A lot of Ash's angst comes from the fact that his life sucked a lot more as a boy; his father never paid attention to him, and he was estranged from his mother. Due to the Cosmic Retcon that came with the gender bending, her father is now a typical Overprotective Dad and she reconnected with her mother. The only downside was that she and his best friend were Retconed as lovers, which squicked him out so much that it ruined the friendship.

Western Animation

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