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Fairytale Folk Make Life Better in NYC
Fairytale characters land in the Big Apple creating happy endings for certain New Yorkers
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Figures from fairytale land find themselves (perhaps via a hole or vortex) in a very real, very bustling New York City). This fall into reality enables a plot device by which the fairytale character does essentially two things: (1) severely disrupts the life of a real world character initially but then (2) causes the real world character to reassess his/her life and be a better person for it. This trope also enables the hijinks and/or mayhem typical of Fish out of Water and Outside-Context Villain.



  • In Enchanted, the cartoon version of Giselle is pushed down a well and, via a New York City manhole, comes out the other side, very much a human being (and very much Amy Adams). She encounters and is taken in by the soon-to-be-married Robert. Giselle and Robert eventually hook-up, sparing Robert the fate of marrying his apparently unsuitable fiance, Nancy. Fortunately, Nancy hooks up with Edward, the fairytale prince who came up the manhole to rescue Giselle.

  • Attempting to evade the evil Gargamel, The Smurfs slip into a vortex landing them in NYC. They are taken in by a young couple, Patrick and Grace. In the end, after much mayhem, the Smurfs help Patrick embrace his art as well as his impending fatherhood.

  • In Elf, Buddy somehow migrates from Santa's Village to the real world of New York City. Buddy finds his "real" dad and proceeds to ruin his life. Ultimately, however, Dad lightens up and quality of life improves for all concerned.

NOTE: All three of the above films have scenes featuring Central Park. Must be the hot dog vendors.

Comic Book:

  • Fables, written by Bill Willingham, is a D.C. Comics series under the Vertigo imprint. It involves fairy tale characters who, forced out of the fairytale world, have taken refuge in -- where else? -- New York City.
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