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AutobotsRockOut [[RecycledINSPACE with electronic/dance music]] instead of rock/metal.
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This is a trope where, instead of the battle music being a slightly more typical romantic orchestral theme, or heavy metal, the soundtrack decides the best route to get you, the player, pumped for battle is to make you move your feet. Cue Breakdance Beat Down. Knuckles are cracked, one liners are said, and enter swelling bass and synth riffs.

Most common to fighting games.



Video Games
  • Capcom
  • Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy VIII: The character theme of Laguna, "Man With The Machine Gun", a techno song, is featured as a battle theme.
  • The first two Parasite Eve games feature electronic music, including battle themes. The first game has a notably less intense version of this.
  • Jet Set Radio could be said to be built on this trope. Pulling impossible acrobatics with powered rollerblades on powerful electronic music is awesome.
  • Persona 2 (both games) features electronic music throughout, including it's battle themes.

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